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Steam Heating – Integral
Sabre 2, 3 & 5 valve manifolds can be supplied complete with integral steam channels. Entries can be made from the base or rear of the enclosure.

Steam Heating – Coils
Coils are available in copper or stainless steel with access via secure bulkhead connectors.

Electrical Heating – Hazardous Area Heaters
 - Slimline panel heaters
 - Self limiting type
 - ATEX approved equipment

Electrical Heating – Non-Hazardous Area Heaters
Fixed wattage heaters for use in standard industrial areas.

Supplied to suit applications – ATEX approved

Junction Boxes
Supplied to suit applications – ATEX approved



Typical installation

Non-Hazardous area heaters and thermostats

Hazardous area electrical heater, junction box and isolation switch