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Instrument Enclosure System

Instrument Enclosure System

Introduction:  Enclosure System

The ever increasing sophistication of process instrumentation equipment demands the highest standards of asset protection. Operators need to ensure that process integrity is maintained throughout a wide range of environmental conditions, many of these hostile and extremely damaging to unprotected equipment.

To help achieve this objective Sabre has developed a range of high specification instrument enclosures and associated instrument protection products. The Sabre Instrument Enclosure range offers a number of key benefits to the process operator, not least robust construction, advanced materials technology and a choice of equipment options designed to withstand the harshest of application environments.

Sabre enclosures protect electronic, mechanical, hydraulic and pneumatic instruments and associated equipment from the damaging effects of high winds, rain, snow and sub-zero conditions, both onshore and offshore, so extending their operational life, protecting capital investment and minimising equipment maintenance and service costs. Process measurements are maintained at consistent levels through the thermal stability offered by the enclosure.

All Sabre enclosures incorporate a number of design features to help promote long life and ease of use. Enclosure bodies are manufactured from high strength materials using precision mould press tooling to ensure repeatability and a close-tolerance fit.  All metal goods are made from corrosion resistant materials and gas strut technology is employed to provide a smooth and controlled opening and closing action.

Enclosures can be fitted with a number of options including: viewing windows, heaters/thermostats, junction boxes, isolators, vents, and thermal insulation materials and are able to accommodate a comprehensive range of integral base or back mounted instrument manifolds.

Sabre has extensive experience in the factory fitting of free-issue instruments – enabling us to supply complete, fully assembled and ready-to-use units directly to site. This results in lower overall procurement costs, improved installation times and high system integrity and reliability.