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ADMX Air Distribution Manifolds

Sabre air distribution manifolds are specially designed for gas and liquid distribution applications where multiple take-offs are required.

Manufactured from a range of materials to suit the application process, they are capable of accommodating a variety of isolation valves, including needle and ball valves.

Distribution manifolds can be wall or pipe mounted and can be supplied complete with fixing brackets to suit the preferred mounting method.

Manifold designs are available to operate up to 10,000 psi

To carry and distribute gases and liquid processes from a wall or pipe mounting.

The body is manufactured from solid or extruded section in stainless steel and carbon steel and is suitable for a variety of outlet take-off valves.
Valves are fitted on each outlet with a drain valve as standard. The numbers of outlets can vary to meet requirements.   A variety of valve configurations are available – please specify when ordering.
Brackets are supplied suitable for wall mounting or for adaptation for pipe mounting.
Maximum pressure rating: 10,000 psi

ADMX - Air Distribution Manifolds

 Ball Valve Type


ADMX Needle Valve Type

Needle Valve Type


ADMX Integral Needle Valve Type

Integral Needle Valve Type