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MX14 and MX15 2-Valve Isolate/Vent Block

Suitable for screwed style instrumentation.

For direct and close mounting to the flange connection of process isolating valves on horizontal and vertical pipe lines.

Operating Conditions:
Maximum working pressure: 413 Bar at 38°C
- Maximum working temperature: 200°C

Size range from 1/2” to 2”
- Process side suitable for flange connections to ANSI B16.5
- Instrument Seal Ring Material: PTFE
- Pressure class150/300/600 ModelCode LPR (Model MX14).
- Pressure class900/1500/2500 ModelCode HPR (Model MX15).
- Instrument connection provided with 360° rotatable instrument adaptor, Male or Female. Also available with integral syphon.
- Vent port G“ parallel thread with locking pin facility.
- “ and “ NPT connections are available.

MX14 and MX15 Monoflange Isolate/Vent

Valve head colour coding
Valve head Colour Type
Isolate Blue Tee bar handle
Vent Red Anti-tamper