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Instrument Class DBB Valves

The Dublok range of integrally flanged manifolds is designed specifically for applications where modular construction is inappropriate or unnecessary.

Dublok integral double block and bleed manifolds are used for primary isolation duties for liquid or gaseous service.  Designed for weight and space saving they are available in a wide range of materials, sizes and head unit combinations to meet all requirements.


Valve Types

Connection Options

  Integral Double Block & Bleed (DBB) Valves

DBB Valve type options:
BDBBX – Ball primary, Needle vent, Ball secondary
DBBX – Needle primary, Needle vent, Needle secondary
YDBBX – OS&Y primary, Needle vent, Needle secondary

Integral Double Block (DB) Valves

DB Valve type options:
BDBX – Ball,Ball
YDBX – OS&Y, Needle
DBX – Needle, Needle

Integral Single Block & Bleed (SBB) Valves

SBB Valve type options:
BSBBX – Ball Primary, Needle Vent
YSBBX – OS&Y primary, Needle vent
SBBX – Needle primary, Needle vent

Outside Screw & Yoke Primary Isolation (YDBBX) Valve

YDBBX Valve type options:
YDBBX – OS&Y primary, Needle vent, Needle secondary

Instrument Class DBB Valves

Dublok IC 2

Dublok IC 3


Instrument Class DBB Valves b

Instrument Class DBB Valves d